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Construction Grade Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydrolica construction grade cylinders are designed for extreme duty applications. They have a high cycle fatigue resistance, forged end mounts, chrome plating, and induction hardened rod.

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Piggy-Back Hydraulic Cylinders

Piggy-back Cylinder design enables a longer stroke with a shorter overall length. Piggy-back cylinders are designed for applications that require a long extend with a short retraction area.

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Integrated Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydrolica Integrated Cylinders have a complete, self-contained hydraulic linear actuator with a high force output. The closed reservoir eliminates dirt and water damage, extending the life of the cylinder.

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Position Sensing Hydraulic Cylinders

Position Sensing Technology is ideal for applications that require a high level of accuracy and repeatability. Texas Hydraulics will work with you to provide the position sensing solution best suited to your application requirements.

Our Services

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With a highly experienced, specifically skilled team of manufacturing professionals, Texas Hydraulics provides a partnership you can count on. From raw material to finished product, we provide our customers with superior motion solutions.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Engineering

Let our experienced Engineering staff support your next project with our state of the art capabilities to ensure that you achieve an optimal design and superior value for the life of your cylinder.

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We are committed to meeting customer requirements by providing safe and reliable products, services, and information of the highest quality in terms of reliability, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction while ensuring employee safety, fostering employee relations and driving efficiency improvements